SUP® Antioxidant Elixir was originally developed as a natural plant-based remedy to improve hepatic function. Crafted with All Natural Herbs and Roots extracts, it is an Elixir for your optimum wellbeing, improving your Liver Health, promoting your Mental Clarity and Boosting your Metabolism. A Natural Elixir whose taste of roots reflects the pure real goodness of the Earth. It is a great way to restore your Equilibrium and a healthy state of body and mind.

SUP® Antioxidant Elixir helps to maintain Healthy Liver functions and is an All Natural Detoxification enhancer supporting your body to quickly remove harmful toxins introduced by external sources (pollution, chemicals, UV, radiations, smokes, etc...).

SUP® Antioxidant Elixir is a health supplement like no other, also capable of supporting your metabolism to eliminate toxins from "party" beverages & preventing hangover symptoms. It allows you to enjoy yourself and look after your body and mind at the same time (it can be consumed before, during & after the party).

SUP® Antioxidant Elixir contains All Natural Herbal Ingredients, is registered in Dubai Municipality and is absolutely safe for human consumption.

SUP® Antioxidant Elixir will be extremely beneficial once integrated into your daily diet and health regimen. Your liver will thank you and you can look forward to an increased amount of Energy and highly improved Mental Clarity and Focus. For pregnant, nursing or under medical care individuals, please consult with your primary care physician before use.