How does it work?

SUP® Antioxidant Elixir uses patented technology that blends specific herbs and roots extracts into a precise recipe, which results in the ultimate detoxifying beverage.

Almost immediately after consumption, SUP® Antioxidant Elixir starts to improve your body’s biological detoxification process. The natural ingredients join forces with your liver to speed up the physiological process that assists your body to cleanse harmful and unwanted toxins.


SUP® Antioxidant Elixir is best consumed chilled, simply keep it in your fridge (maximum storage temperature at 25℃).

In order to achieve maximum effect, drink first your SUP® Antioxidant Elixir and then a large glass of still water.

When to take SUP Detox Shot ?

Everyday Body Detox & Cure

Drink SUP® Antioxidant Elixir in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before your breakfast. It will supports your metabolism & liver to eliminate harmful toxins from your body, providing mental clarity, supporting balance and a boost of immunity.

We highly recommend to include SUP® Antioxidant Elixir in your daily routine for more than 30 consecutive days as it will drastically improve your liver health and wellbeing. You can also follow an 8 days SUP® Antioxidant Elixir cure every month for general body cleansing.

If you are curious about the fantastic results of SUP® Antioxidant Elixir on your body, have your liver checked before and after using it for 30 days, you will be amazed !

Party Time & Hangover Prevention

Drink SUP® Antioxidant Elixir before the party to prepare your metabolism and liver. It will help you to keep mental clarity and will already start the detoxification process.

Drink SUP® Antioxidant Elixir during the party if you feel too much intoxicated. It will put you back on track within 45 minutes.

Drink SUP® Antioxidant Elixir after your party, just before getting into bed. It will help your liver to eliminate alcohol toxins and actively prevent hangovers.